Welcome to Optimum Physical Therapy where excellent patient care in a reassuring, relaxing and friendly environment is the primary focus. 

You will be provided with a service that is not solely focused on treatment but which also provides you with the advice and education that will empower you to take control of your own recovery, thereby enabling a more successful return to optimum health. 

About Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy is a healthcare profession which involves the diagnosis, treatment or management of pain, disability and impaired movement using various hands-on techniques. It is not just about recovery. It is also invaluable in helping maintain optimum health. Oftentimes the old adage is true – prevention is better than cure. I regularly provide sports massages, deep tissue massages and a range of treatments that are beneficial to ongoing wellbeing. 
Physical Therapy is a holistic and patient-centred therapy which focuses on the hands-on treatment of the body’s joints and soft tissues – muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia. I use a variety of advanced manual techniques to diagnose, prevent, treat and help you to manage your condition. Physical Therapy recognises and promotes the healing properties of touch. It is proven to be safe, non-invasive and treatments do not involve medication. It is a primary care healthcare profession and is established on sound health science principles. Techniques include movement, massage, myofascial techniques, joints mobilisations and exercises. I am committed to working with my patients, deciding on the best treatment to restore full normal movement and to reduce or eliminate pain resulting from injury, infirmity and from medical conditions. 

Treatments are for individual clients of all ages with conditions resulting from injury, infirmity or medical conditions such as: 

Sports and work related injuries 
Injury screening and prevention 
Rehabilitation – from injury and surgery 
Chronic Pain relief 
Back Pain 
Neck Pain 
Repetitive strain injuries 
Postural issues 
Shoulder problems 
Knee problems 
Stress related conditions 
Tension headaches 
Joint strains 
Tennis elbow 
Golfer’s elbow 
Ankle sprain  
For Treatment Rates 

What is the difference between Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy? 

There are a number of differences between the two professions. Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy have been organised within Ireland as discrete professions for two decades. 
Physical Therapy is a three year Level 7 QQI accredited degree course from a private college, the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science (IPTAS) in Dublin, designed for mature students and adult learners. 
Physiotherapy is a four year Level 8 university degree course designed mainly for school leavers and focuses primarily on hospital work. 
At Optimum Physical Therapy I practice Physical Therapy 
Physical Therapy training focuses on the use of manual or hands-on techniques exclusively, whereas physiotherapy incorporates other electrical modalities such as ultrasound, tens, laser and other non-manual techniques. Physical Therapists are trained with a view to longer client consultations, incorporating a more holistic approach and a more client centred treatment. While Physiotherapists have a wider scope of practice in terms of their hospital focused work, including Central Nervous System and Respiratory work, Physical Therapists are can be considered subject matter experts when it comes to the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries or conditions. 
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